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Enter Walt Disney


Thomas Kinkade Painting Disney


When collaboration between Disney and Kinkade began to come to the horizon, many began to wonder how this partnership might end.  Thomas Kinkade pictures were incredibly beautiful, after all, but not quite in the same style as a Pinocchio Puppet or a Cinderella Cartoon.    But, in the end, the Thomas Kinkade artwork came out beautifully, as always, and helped to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Disneyland Amusement Park in California back in 2005.


Of course, by this time, Thomas Kinkade art was extremely well known and admired by millions.  Many of his portraits are considered to be as American as Apple Pie.  His reprints are were showing up on calendars, on coffee mugs and even in Thomas Kinkade Puzzles.    His pictorials are so detailed and so colorful that families have a terrible time putting these jigsaws together, but the finished product is always worth the extra effort.


So when Disney and Kinkade joined forces, the Disney version of the Thomas Kinkade Puzzles was a no brainer.  Disney has long been a studio that has mastered the art of cross marketing their movie and film endeavors.  And Kinkade was happy to oblige.  Children of all ages can purchase his jigsaws that feature many of their favorite Disney characters. 


Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty is a particular favorite of little girls and a hair-puller for their parents.  This Thomas Kinkade artwork has so much detail and intertwining colors, it is likened to a Monet.  It looks beautiful from far away, but when you are looking at it piece by piece, square inch by square inch, it is a completely different animal!


The Little Mermaid


Another big selling jigsaw of Thomas Kinkade pictures is his "Little Mermaid".  This is a favorite cartoon of many young girls who are not familiar with the "old cartoons" like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 


This picture is breathtaking in its portrayal of the star characters sitting on the edge of the shore while in the detailing of this piece of  Thomas Kinkade art, it allows you to view the many undersea creatures that swim and play just underneath the surface.  He even details the sunlight piercing through the water to the ocean floor below.


Timeless Classics


Thomas Kinkade pictures of Disney characters that were turned into jigsaw puzzles also include some of the old time favorites.  Who can forget Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle?  And then there is that favorite of boys, young and old, The Jungle Book?  Even the very first Disney Classic of Bambi is offered in the Thomas Kinkade artwork jigsaw variety, reminding us all of how wonderful it is to be young and carefree.


Thomas Kinkade Puzzles


Thomas Kinkade art has been increasingly popular over the years, largely because he seemed to always be one step ahead of his fans.  He was always changing his themes and images while staying true to his love for the Illusionist practices of artists of the 19th century. 


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Thomas Kinkade art well sell for less than gallery prices.