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Thomas Kinkade Paintings Sacramento

Thomas Kinkade Private Showroom, Sacramento, California

We are a private showroom of Thomas kinkade's canvas paintings located in Sacramento, California. Thomas Kinkade was born in this city and there isn't even a gallery here. So we thought there should be. We have an unique collection of Thomas Kinkade's early work which has been sold out at the galleries for a long time.

We are open by appointment only at this moment. If you are interested in attending, please send us an email. We currently carry canvas editions only, sorry no paper prints. Although Thomas Kinkade's paper prints are gorgeous, his art is asking to be shown on canvas. All of our prints have Certificate of Limitation, Authenticity, come framed and ready to be hanged. If you are in the market to purchase a Thomas Kinkade print, there is no better way than to see it in person before you buy it. Our prices are the best, and that's a guarantee.

Garden of Prayer Painting by Thomas Kinkade


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Kinkades For Less


Of the more notable Thomas Kinkade Paintings for Less that are in the most demand, "Light of Peace" is one of the more popular.  It is a picture of a beautiful lighthouse on the shores of a pounding surf with gulls flying overhead in a brilliantly lit sky of vibrant colors. 


The "San Francisco, California Street" is another of the Kinkade Paintings that makes you feel as if you can actually hear the happenings within the portrait itself, of the clanging trolley car bells, of lovers walking hand in hand, and of the boisterous city streets in a multicultural atmosphere of midcentury west coast life.


Historical Kinkades


Copies and prints of the famous "Indy Excitement" portrait from the Indianapolis 500 Series are a big favorite of art lovers looking for Kinkades for less cost.  This achievement was used in the 100 Year Anniversary promotions for the racing event.  


The detail and intricacy of the portrait leaves you finding new and intriguing details each and every time you glance at it.  This painting is famous for its hidden images as well, including those of Dale Earnhardt and Norman Rockwell, both of whom were admired favorites by the artist in their respective areas.  

We are the only Thomas Kinkade showroom in Sacramento, and would like to grow with inventory as much as we can. If you are unable to attend and would like to purchase online, we'll make sure you are happy with the painting so much that you will tell your friends about us. We usually ship within 24 hours of purchase. Your painting will be packed very accurately and sent fully insured via FedEx. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.



Thomas Kinkade Paintings for Less


Thomas Kinkade has provided us with an array of interesting and detail portraits that depict American life in a simpler time.   His Luminist techniques of 19th century painters bring radiance and light to his nostalgic images of times gone by.  With paintings of cozy cottages, western landscapes, towering skylines and country churches, Kinkade Paintings have been enormously popular for many years.




The Demand for Kinkades


His recent passing has left an even more lasting impression among art lovers of his unique vision.  As his original paintings continue to climb in value, more and more consumers would like to locate Kinkades for less cost.  Due to this fan-based outcry, there are a few reputable online galleries who are now offering his works at a more affordable price.


Kinkade Paintings offer something for everyone.  He liked to hide little secrets inside the details of his images.  A noted family man, Thomas would often hide the names and initials of his wife and four daughters inside the imagery for people to find.  His works were not only visually appealing, but lent a sense of whimsy and fun to a sometimes all too predictable art world.



Then there is his remarkable pictorial of Fenway Park.  The image portrays a packed stadium filled with throngs of fans as twilight begins to fall on the ball field and the stadium lights are first beginning to blaze.  This is perhaps one of the most sought after Thomas Kinkade Paintings for Less because it is one of his most accomplished works that shows his mastery of light and shadow.