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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Thomas Kinkade Paintings For Less


FAQ for Thomas Kinkade Paintings for Less

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Paintings and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to


   What Do We Offer?

     We are collectors and resellers of Thomas Kinkade art on canvas. We only offer Thom's paintings on canvas at this time.


What Does Each Thomas Kinkade Painting Come With?

Each Thomas Kinkade piece we sell comes with Certificate of Limitation and authenticity, and comes framed unless otherwise noted. Many of the pieces may also feature a hand signature on the back, and some come with a certificate of hand highlighting by master highlighters.


Are The Paintings That You Sell Actual Original Thomas Kinkade Paintings?

Thomas Kinkade originals are very rare and sell upwards of $50,000. We primarily have prints on canvas, which are signed, numbered, and come with a certificate of limitation and authenticity.


If I Order a Painting on Your Website How Will it be Shipped?

We ship all orders via FEDEX. Orders shipments come complete with tracking numbers. We also crate up and package each painting in the most secure way possible. We treat your painting as if it were our own. We package each painting using FEDEX made boxes that are designed for artwork. This protects each painting in the best possible way during shipment. All FEDEX shipments are shipped insured.


If I Place an Order How Long Does it Take to be Shipped Out?

We ship all orders within 24 hours usually. It can take up to 48 hours depending on what it is. We make it a priority to get it shipped as quickly as possible.


Where Are We Located?

We are located in Sacramento, California at 550 Howe Ave, Suite 100 95825


What Are Our Hours?

Right now we are open by appointment. We will meet with you whenever you like, just contact us.


Are We on Social Media Websites?

Yes. You can follow us on Twitter. You can like our fan page on Facebook. You can subscribe to our Youtube channel. We are also on Flikr, Vimeo, Google+, Pinterest, and we are expanding our online presence through social media even beyond this. Look on our website for the icon of each of these social media sites. Just click the icon that you wish. For example, click the Facebook icon to be taken directly to our Facebook page.


Do We Purchase Thomas Kinkade Paintings From People Looking to Sell Their Own Paintings To Us?

Sometimes. If the painting is on a list of paintings that we buy, then we may be interested in purchasing.


Does Kinkades For Less Allow People To Sell Their Own Paintings on Consignment in Our Showroom?

If we feel we can sell your painting quickly then we will allow you to put your painting on consignment with us. Contact us for requirements of consignment.