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Thomas Kinkade Art

Golden Gate Bridge Painting by Thomas Kinkade


Thomas Kinkade Art


Thomas Kinkade is a very well known American Painter of nearly epic proportions.  He may be the very first "super-artist" of our time, selling hundreds of millions of dollars in art before his death in 2012.  He is known as the "Painter of Light" due to his unique ability to capture light and shadow on nearly every portrait that he has created.


He is so well known that some have estimated that the art of Kinkade are on the walls of nearly 1 out of 20 homes in America today.  His work has been seen on everything from wall calendars, canvas paintings, jewelry, jigsaw puzzles and ceramic coffee mugs.  Thomas Kinkade has developed partnerships with everyone from Disney to Warner Brothers and Bradford Editions.


The Early Years

Thomas Kinkade The Early Years 

Kinkade was born on January 19, 1958 in the then bohemian-like city of Sacramento California.  This may be where he became so intrigued by the older, nostalgic version of American life which he depicts so well in his amazing portraits.   Our showroom Kinkades For Less is actually located in Sacramento, California. We are located in the capital city of California which is the very city that Thomas Kinkade was born in. Thomas moved to a small town in upstate California before leaving home to attend the University of California-Berkley.


But Thomas Kinkade was bored with the math and science courses in college and soon dropped out after only two years.  He decided to follow his passion, beginning by writing a book called, "The Artist's Guide to Sketching".  It actually sold quite well and offered him an opportunity to design background art for a new feature animated film called "Fire and Ice".


In his spare time, he began to experiment with light and shadow.   Kinkade later went on to attend Pasadena's Art Center College of Design where he met the love of his life, Nannette.  They had four daughters.  If you look closely at many of his future paintings, you will see hidden initials and names of his wife and daughters inscribed within, a testament to the family values that he held so dear.


The Philanthropist

Thomas Kinkade Philanthropist Photo


Thomas Kinkade was a firm believer and follower of the Christian faith and believed that his work could also provide some sort of ministry value.  He has worked to provide creative artworks for many noble causes including the St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Hurricane Katrina Relief, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Salvation Army and many other types of humanitarian efforts. 


The Businessman


Kinkade was a great artist but struggled as a businessman.  He took his company public in 1994.


Thomas was a gregarious man with a very strong will and could often be viewed as "challenging" to deal with.  He was able to clear much of his good name before his death.