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Thomas Kinkade Christmas

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A very famous Thomas Kinkade painting that hangs over many sofas and in dining rooms across America is "A Christmas Story".  As in all of his portraits, his use of light and texture capture the magic and delight behind the ideal version of a snow covered Christmas Eve in Middle America.   Kinkade uses sparkling lights and warm colors to convey a cityscape of excitement and holiday merriment in the hours just before dusk when the evening sky still possesses that beautiful wintery hue.



The Kinkade-Christmas Connection

This is just one of the many Thomas Kinkade Christmas portraits of which he is well known.  Kinkade had a strong association with this holiday and offered many impressive pictures of cottages wrapped under a blanket of snow and of Church Chapels lit for the evening services.  Since these versions of paintings were considered a Kinkade trademark, many owners are beginning to wonder about the potential increase in the Thomas Kinkade paintings value.



The Popularity of the "Painter of Light"


In fact, his pictures are said to hang in over 10 million houses across the nation, nearly 1 in 20 of every residence in America.  His Thomas Kinkade Christmas portraits are probably the most widely reprinted versions of his portfolio of wonderful artwork, appearing in jigsaw puzzles, Christmas ornaments, and even decorative plates. 


Therein lies the rub.  Although a Thomas Kinkade painting is a very popular picture to have for the average art lover, art critics have a completely different take.  Strangely enough, he was never considered to be highly talented.  Of the very few original works, very few are considered by critics to have artistic merit. 


Thomas Kinkade paintings value for first editions will likely increase, regardless of the negative opinions of art critics.  Critics do not drive the art market so much as those who love the artist's work, and Thomas Kinkade has millions of fans across the globe. 


There are also reports of "unpublished" works which could fetch a remarkable fee on the open market.  But the most impressive recent example is a purchase of a Kinkade painting that sat in an art gallery for years before his death.  Shortly after his passing, it sold for $150,000.



New York 1932 Snow on Seventh Ave

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